Here are 8 easy tips to follow if you’re looking for Job or a better one.

How can you learn to love other if you don’t yourself (enough) ?

This could be very perceived as very narcissistic, but let me explain in what context I would like to develop this thought.

When you look for a job you’re just a product, there is market, with potential customers/employers and competitors. Define your market position and promote yourself. To do so, just analyze how great you are (always with modesty) and put it forward.

  1. Social Networks : Use sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google + to show off samples and network with potential clients or employers.
  2. Post a resume online : Make it easy for employers and clients to find and download a comprehensive resume from the web. Especially if you want to work in digital Marketing.
  3. Hire yourself : consider self Marketing just like a second job. Dedicate a portion of every day to work on self marketing efforts. You work for you, so don’t be lazy!
  4. Use Testimonials : either on your website or on your Linkedin Profile, if people want to buy you, they need recommendations
  5. Join forums : Join the conversation in industry related forums and don’t be shy about highlighting experiences and qualifications.
  6. Position yourself : Include a section on your personal website that spells out 5-10 explicit reasons why your work is better than others.
  7. Use keywords : Using industry related keywords in blog posts, social media profiles, and personal websites makes them easier for employers to find.
  8. Promote others too : you’re bigger when you’re more. Lean on others and vice versa.

Especially if you work in a digital environment, you have to be online. Now, with CMS just like wordpress combined with themes on themeforest for less than 50 dollars and a couple of hours, you can easily start your digital self promotion.

Feel free to ask if any question.

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